With over half a century supporting us.

"Founded in 1947, Ogawa-Denki has built up an extensive portfolio in more than half a century of business with approximately 3,000 different manufacturers and 150,000 individual products transacted.
With 37 domestic bases centering on our headquarters in the Kansai region, we have established a nationwide network capable of instantly mobilizing Japan's technological strength in service to our clients at any time.

Delivering Japan's Technological Strength to the World for the Next 100 Years and Counting.
With this in mind, we stand committed to supporting our overseas customers in achieving continued success side by side."



"As our customers' best partner, we at Ogawa-Denki offer business support as your trusted retail support company.
Following recent technological developments and transformations, the role of electricity in our daily lives is undergoing a dramatic change.
Trends for switching entirely to electricity to power our daily lives as well as the growing adoption of IT-powered technologies, in particular, have led to increasingly diversified consumer demands as well as to the dominance of energy-efficient products that offer exceptional safety, usability and piece of mind.
At Ogawa-Denki, we make sure not only to deliver the products our clients need, but also to develop and support businesses that offer solutions in keeping with current trends as our clients' trusted retail support company.
Believing in the important of meeting face-to-face and being on the ground right next to our clients, we promise to continue delivering customer-focused services as your best partner in electronic materials."

  • Electric Facility Materials

    Delivering Products that Ensure a High Level of Customer Satisfaction Thanks to Our Extensive Expertise and Rich Product Lineup

    The field of electric construction materials is growing exponentially, and as new, increasingly sophisticated advances in IT continue to be made, demand for products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, such as LED lighting, will only continue to grow.
    Within this competitive environment, Ogawa-Denki has mobilized its extensive business portfolio covering approximately 3,000 different manufacturers and 150,000 individual products, together with a rich product lineup and long history of industry knowledge, to deliver not only the latest cutting-edge products but also to provide optimal solutions that accurately address our clients' needs and ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Housing Facility Equipment

    Supporting the Creation of the Next Generation of Living Environments with State-of-the-art Technical Expertise

    From equipment used in kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, and heated flooring to air conditioning and energy systems designed to be exceptionally airtight and insulated, we provide dedicated services and optimal products in order to create safe and comfortable living spaces. We even offer designs for improving accessibility, such as home elevators.

  • Household Electric Appliances

    Your Comprehensive Distributor Supporting Japan's Household Electric Appliance Retailers Nationwide

    We have established a network with nearly all of Japan's major electric appliance manufacturers, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, and Daikin, so that we can deliver products directly from them to you, the customer.
    As we carry a full lineup of products from each manufacturer, we are ready to meet the demands of customers looking to change brands or acquire products outside those offered by a specific group of manufacturers.


    • Health

      Maintaining health in both body and mind

    • Enthusiasm

      Always remaining enthusiastic

    • Honesty

      Staying honest and sincere

  • "By always delivering a speedy supply of high-quality products at an optimal price, we work to achieve mutual prosperity with our business partners, while giving back to society.
    We believe that a company's prosperity is the force that drives happiness for all and work ceaselessly to promote both individual growth and the development of our company as a whole."

  • Company Name Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Establishment March 21, 1963
    Address 2-2-4 Hannancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-0021
    Representative Chairman Norio Ogawa
    President Takehiro Ogawa
    Business General wholesaler of electric facility materials, housing facility equipment, and household electric appliances
    Employees 360 (total for the group)
    Number of Offices 39
  • 1947 The first president Isao Ogawa established the company as a wholesaler of electric construction materials and household electric appliances in Izumi-shi, Osaka.
    1963 Established Ogawa-Denki Zairyo Co., Ltd.
    Capital -- JPY 3,000,000
    1964 Opened Izumi Office
    1966 Opened Sakai Office
    1968 Opened Wakayama Office
    1969 Opened Kishiwada and Daito Offices
    1971 Opened Yao Office
    1972 Opened Sakai Kita Office
    1973 Opened Sennan Office
    1975 Opened Senboku, Nara and Sakai Chuo Offices
    1976 Established Hanwa Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    1977 Opened Takada Office
    1978 Opened Toyonaka and Nara Kita Offices
    1979 Opened Mihara Office
    1980 Opened Hirano and Higashi Osaka Offices
    1981 Opened Kihoku Office
    1982 Established Nara Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Opened Kawachinagano Office
    1983 Opened Tarui, Arita and Sakurai Offices
    1984 Opened Hashimoto Office
    1985 Following the passing of the founder Isao Ogawa, then Senior Managing Director Wada Kazuo was appointed as the second President of Ogawa-Denki Zairyo Co., Ltd.
    Opened Suminodo Office
    1986 Opened Suita Office
    1987 Opened Takaishi and Moriguchi Offices
    1988 Established Sakai Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Opened Sakai Higashi Office
    Established Shiga Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Opened Koto Office
    1989 Established Higashi Osaka Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Opened Nakamozu Office
    1990 Opened Ibaraki, Ritto, and Gobo Offices
    1991 In March changed the name from Ogawa-Denki Zairyo Co., Ltd. to Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    1992 Opened Nara Chuo and Suminoe Offices
    Established Wakayama Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    Established Daido Denki Co., Ltd. in Nipponbashi, Osaka
    1993 Following the appointment of Wada Kazuo as Chairman, then Vice President Kawamura Tsuneyuki was appointed as the third President of Ogawa-Denki.
    1996 Opened Western Distribution Center in Kobe
    Opened Sales Department in Higashisumiyoshi-ku
    1997 Changed the name of Western Distribution Center to Kobe Higashi Office
    1999 Merged the Sales Department and Daido Denki Co., Ltd. and established Osaka Shoban Co., Ltd.
    2000 Established Denzai Co., Ltd.
    2003 Current Vice President Nobuo Ogawa succeeds Kawamura Tsuneyuki as the fourth President of Ogawa-Denki.
    Opened Tokyo Office
    Merged Senboku and Nakamozu Offices and opened Mozu Office.
    2004 Current Vice President Norio Ogawa succeeds Nobuo Ogawa as the fifth President of Ogawa-Denki.
    Shiga Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd. merged with Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    2005 Hanwa Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd., Wakayama Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd., Nara Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd., Sakai Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd., Higashi Osaka Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd., and Denzai Co., Ltd. merged into Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd.
    2006 Kishiwada Office merged with Sennan Office and name changed to Kaizuka Office
    Kobe Higashi Office moved and re-opened as Amagasaki Office
    Ogawa-Denki Naniwa Office moved and re-opened as Kita Office
    Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd. Head Office, Osaka Shoban Co., Ltd., and Ozin Co., Ltd. acquired Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004
    2007 Moved Nara Chuo Office
    Merged Kihoku and Hashimoto Offices and opened Ito Office
    2008 Osaka Shoban Naniwa Office moved to Tateba, Naniwa-ku and began operation
    Moved Sakai Chuo Office to Yamamotocho, Sakai-ku and re-opened as Sakai Office
    Moved Daito and Sumido Offices to Kadoma-shi and re-opened as Kadoma Office
    2009 Absorbed Hannan Telecom Co., Ltd.
    Introduced a holdings system and distributed the Sales Division to Ogawa-Denki Co., Ltd. and the Control Division to Ogawa Group Co., Ltd.
    Opened Otsu Office
    2012 50th Anniversary since establishment
    2013 Established a company in China and concluded a partnership with a company in Vietnam
    2014 Moved Mozu Office to Fukai, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi and opened as Senboku Office
    Merged Suita and Ibaraki Offices
    2016 Current Vice President Junzo Ogawa succeeds Norio Ogawa as the sixth President of Ogawa-Denki.
    Merged Sakurai and Takada Offices
    2017 Merged Koto and Ritto Offices
    2019 Opened Kyoto Office
    2021 Merged Asahi and Moriguchi Offices
    Opened Takatsuki Office
    2022 Current Vice President Takehiro Ogawa succeeds Junzo Ogawa as the seven President of Ogawa-Denki.


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